MoscowMusicDiscord Bot
Why MoscowMusic? Let's delve a little deeper into this question.
Our bot was created by one person and located on our own hosting.
Yes, yes, that's exactly how it is. We suggest that you enjoy consistent quality without experiencing any problems, as well as limitations due to "paid subscriptions" from competitors. Don't believe me? Just try it yourself! It's absolutly free.
Our Advantages

Flexible code

That allows us to maximize control over the course of work and ensure stability.

Support almost 24/7

In our server you can get help almost at any day and just have a good time.

Own idea and design

We tried to do everything as convenient for you as possible, as well as to surprise with originality from the design side.

Documentation It's actually quite simple to use, but we recommend read this section.

🍒 m!help - the main bot help command that can help with quick access to the documentation from the discord itself, as well as to find out the prefix.

🍇 Everything that needs to be configured fits into several lines, and even then it is not necessary: ​​
m!prefix prefix - allows you to create a custom prefix up to 5 characters. All commands will be changed except m! Help
m!language ru / en - change the default bot language.
m!djtoggle - enable / disable DJ-mode.
m!togglestream / m!togglestream voice-channel-ID - enable auto-streaming mode when a user connects to voice channel.
m!togglestream disable - disable auto-streaming mode.

🌟 Start playback:
!play | !p link / link-to-playlist - automatically starts playing.
!play | !p title - calls the search for the song on YouTube.

📌 Server queue:
!queue | !q - view the queue of songs.
!np - get detailed information on the song that is currently playing.

☄️ Stream control:
!pause - pauses the current song.
!resume - resumes playing after using the previous command.
!jump number — move player to a specific song in queue.
!seek time (1 / 0:01, 1:00, 1:00:00) — timing control of the current playback.
!skip - skips the song that was playing when the command was used.
!stop - disconnects the bot from the voice channel, resetting the play queue.
!shuffle | !sh - shuffles the play queue.
!loop [song/queue] — enable queue looping.
!duplicate | !duplicate number — duplicate specific song into queue.
!remove | !rem number - removes a specific song from the queue.
!livestream |!live - adds a random music broadcast to the queue.
!replace number number, !swap number number - offset songs between positions.

💥 Optional:
!volume | !v - find out the playback volume.
!volume number | !v number - change the volume of the server queue.

🔧 Technical:
!info - information about the status of your server shard.
!shardinfo shard-number - information about the status of a particular shard.
!shardsinfo - information about the status of the bot (all shards).